Sunday, November 27, 2011

Marionnaud Premium N6 Eyeshadow Brush Review

I have 3 other 5 other Marionnaud makeup brushes made of synthetic fibers. I like them all because they very smooth and inexpensive especially their powder and angled blush brush. The premium brushes however are made of natural goat hair so it's a little more pricey. I got this brush from Watsons for P99.75.

comes with brush guard

N6 Eyeshadow Brush

What I really love about this brush is it's dense and sturdy. I like it better than the ELF Essential eyeshadow brush. I have used this for quite awhile now and there's no shedding. It has a thinner and longer handle which I like because it allows me to apply the shadow lightly. The wand is non-slip which I like a lot so you have good control of during the application. It does a good job in blending shadows so there are no harsh edges and it's also great for contouring. And since it is a thicker brush, packing on colors is easy.

I really like the premium brush and I will definitely repurchase. It's a good brush to have on any makeup kit. I highly recommend this brush to everyone :). My verdict is no doubt 5 STARS!



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