Sunday, November 27, 2011

Budget Brush: Berkeley Liner Brush

I was looking for a good and affordable eyeliner brush last week and I was not lucky enough to find one. Then my fiance' suggested that I use a liner brush that he uses for oil painting. I thought that's not a bad idea so I bought one to try it! I got this brush from National Bookstore for only P25 so it's not a big loss if it doesn't work out well.

Berkeley Liner Brush 000

As you can see on the photos, the fibers are very fine and soft. I was impressed of how easy it was to use. It creates a very thin line which was such a surprise! For the very affordable price, I already have a nice liner brush I can use with my gel liner. I never expected to find a good makeup brush at National Bookstore :D.

creates a very thin line

looks like i only tight lined my eyes...

 I couldn't create a line as thin as this using my angled brush at all. Making a thicker line is also easy because it just glides on easily and only picks up enough product on the brush. Now creating a very thin line that's very close to the lash line is as simple as using an angled brush.

Overall this liner brush works amazing and I am really happy with it. This is a very affordable brush compared to cosmetic liner brushes but does the job well. It's easy to find because you can get it from your art stores and you can get as many as you want in different sizes depending on the thickness of the line you want to create.

This brush deserves 5 STARS. I recommend everyone to try it if you're looking for a cheap liner brush.



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