Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation

This makeup review is on the Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation in Natural Beige. It has medium coverage which I love because I can skip on concealers. Before I got this I just use pressed powder when I'm feeling lazy to do my makeup but I don't like the light coverage that much. This foundation evens out my skin tone with very minimal effort. I just apply it using the sponge that came with the powder and I'm all set. I haven't tried applying this with a wet sponge for heavy coverage yet but I think it will work out just fine. This can also be applied using a powder or kabuki brush. 

If you look closer on my photo below, you can see blemishes on my chin area but it isn't highly visible because this powder foundation can cover it up well. I love that it can keep my skin oil free for long hours without the need to retouch. I find myself using this a lot lately because it cuts my makeup routine and yet I look decent enough to run errands :D. It's very easy to apply and I don't worry if the application is even because it just glides on my skin smoothly like a pressed powder. It looks really good once it sets on the skin. 

Overall I love this powder foundation a lot. It's a must have face product for me especially when I am on the go. It comes with a good sized mirror and a quality sponge.

Long staying 
Medium coverage
Easy to apply

I seriously can't think of any

My verdict: 5 STARS
Would I repurchase? Absolutely
Would I recommend this? For sure



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