Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Face Shop Nail Polish GR501

Hello everyone! I have another The Face Shop Nail Polish review for you all. It's on a shade I'm really excited about because I love how bright and flattering it is. This is in shade GR501 which is a sheer yellow green polish with tons of glitters! This was from my December purchase and yet it still feels like new. It didn't dry up or discolor at all. I've heard from other TFS nail polish users that it dries up on the bottle fast, fortunately for me that hasn't happened yet. This is from their regular nail polish line at P95 from any The Face Shop store. 

The Face Shop Nail Polish GR501 ingredients

The Face Shop Nail Polish GR501 shade #

The swatches look yellow because of the flash on my camera. And because it's sheer so it looks lighter than the color on the bottle. I applied 4 coats on my nails to achieve this intensity. I didn't want to add any more because I don't want it to be thicker which oftentimes make it easier to chip. I didn't add a top coat either because the shine of the polish is more than enough for me. 

the shade makes my skin appear fairer :)

i love the color!
The Face Shop Nail Polish GR501 swatch

I love glitter polishes because it stays on longer as the glitters hold the polish together, and it sticks on the nails very well. It's even a little difficult to remove so if you're looking for a vibrant nail color which can last for more than a week, this is one kind to consider. They also come in many different shades :). It's easy to apply as it's not streaky nor thick. It dries up in a matter of 3 minutes and doesn't bubble so I like it even more :). If you want it to look more opaque, you can add a few more layers without making it seem like you have tons of product on your nails. 

This will be a lovely nail color for Spring, or for the coming summer in the Philippines in a month :). I'd definitely wear this in the beach because of it's very attractive and vibrant color which is so like summer! And because I just love bright nail colors! :D

Overall this nail color is really good and it's climbing up the charts of my favorite polishes :). My rating, absolutely 5 STARS!!!



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