Sunday, February 26, 2012

NYC Cheek to Cheek Duo Blusher

I'm really excited about this product because the moment I saw it I absolutely fell in love with this duo blusher! It's a bronzer and highlighter in one with a satin-y finish so to me it's perfect because I don't like shimmer bronzers that much. It has 3.9 grams of product and comes with a small brush which is quite soft. I tried to use it but it only took a lot more product and didn't do so much blending. I'm still keeping the brush though in case I need it especially when I'm on the road :). The packaging is okay but I bet will smash into pieces if I drop it which is just fine with me because the price is pretty reasonable. I just have to be careful not to drop it then :D.

NYC Cheek to Cheek Duo Blusher ingredients 

NYC Cheek to Cheek Duo Blusher in Fireside Glow Swatch

If you look closer there are tiny shimmers on the swatch but it doesn't really show up when you apply it on the face. The powder is very fine so it's very easy to apply and blend. The pigmentation is really good as I only needed to pat my brush lightly on the product and it shows up nicely on my face :). It stays on great as well because it looked pretty much the same after wearing it for 6 hours, and I have oily skin! Below are some shots on different lighting. I added a few closer shots as well.

I love how the bronzer gave my face some definition, shape, and natural glow. The shades are really pretty! I love them a lot because it's not too orange and not too dark for my skin tone. The highlighter is also not too bright/yellow on my skin. I love how it doesn't appear too obvious but reflects enough light to give glow on the face where you apply it. This shade will suit fair skin tones well. 

 My verdict: 5 STARS!!! I truly love this bronzer highlighter and I'm looking to find another one soon. This one is really a must try and I recommend it to everyone who are looking for a bronzer highlighter on a reasonal price.



  1. Hurray for not looking orangey! I love this blush on you! :D

  2. wow!!5 stars!!! I must try this too!!! I'm also looking for a nice bronzer..and it does look pretty natural on love love..=)

    1. Thanks Janet :D. Hope you'll love this bronzer highlighter too :)

  3. Wow, I'm interested in this. Looks great! :D Good thing it didn't look muddy on you. Gorgeous!

  4. where do you buy your NYC makeup? :D im told they have reasonable products although are behind WnW int erms of packaging

    1. The quality is really great and the packaging is okay. I buy them from a friend :)


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