Thursday, March 29, 2012

Applying Falsies for Dummies

I'm not a falsies kind of girl but I finally decided to get my hands on them. It's a huge trend now and I thought I'd jump on the band wagon myself! I'm more comfortable now that I have practiced a bit but when this all started I didn't know anything! The problem I had no clue how to apply lashes. So I bought these inexpensive ones on eBay so I can practice. I didn't want to spend too much while I was learning and these ones are perfect.  

I got this lashes for only P28 or $.066 each which I think is not bad. It comes with a case and its own glue but it was soo dry it snapped when I tried to open it! It was cheap looking and I couldn't/wouldn't use it so I bought some inexpensive glue from Nichido for practice purposes. I got the glue for P60 and it's in a tiny glass packaging like the free ones from Eylure. I don't really like that glue as it doesn't hold the lashes too good so I won't even bother reviewing it. You'll need quite a lot to make it stick and the waiting time for it to become tacky is between 20 - 30 seconds, which I don't really mind as long as it works, but it dries slow and it doesn't dry transparent. However, I got an eye lash glue from The Face Shop which I heard is pretty good but I haven't tried it yet. Will do so soon and post a review.  

This is a synthetic lashes and is quite long than the regular ones. It's also a little spikey for my liking and rather shiny to look natural. I think this is fine if you're going out in the evening for clubbing, attending events, or going for a romantic date where you'd want to sport a sexy and fuller lashes. However, it's not for a day time look. 

This was a little too big for my eyes so I had to cut a bit from the outer section. I didn't want to cut from the inner part because it looks too long on me already. At first I just applied it on straight to my lash line and it hurt so bad. I almost decided lashes weren't for me and I was so impressed how everyone could endure the pain! Then I decided to search for some tutorials on youtube and found out that some girls do cut a few millimeters off if it's too big. So I followed the same procedure and it felt kind nice :D ( silly me ). I couldn't stop laughing because I did it wrong that's why it was so uncomfortable.  

Applying false lashes is tricky for beginners like me. Some of the tips I learned are pretty basic but I it a lot because it really helped big time.

Basic Tips:

1) Take the lashes off the container from the band and not from the lash itself so it doesn't get distorted.

2) Hold the lashes to eyes and measure it first to make sure it's the right length. You don't want the lashes to be too long because it will pull your eye down instead of giving you that cat eye effect. 

3) Cut from the outer end if you want a more natural looking lashes, and cut from the inner part if you want longer lashes.

4) Apply enough amount of lash glue on the band but add a little more on the outer corners as it will help the lashes to stick better where you need it more as it tends to move there. 

5) Wait for the glue to become tacky before you apply the lashes so it doesn't pull all over the place. Give it about 15 - 20 seconds depending on how fast your glue dries. You know it's ready when it's almost transparent.

6) Hold the lashes with a tweezer but what worked for me best was taking each end of the lashes gently and putting it on as close to the lash line as possible for a more natural look. 

7) Press the lashes onto your lash line to out them in place and apply a coat or two of mascara to bind your natural and false lashes together

8) Line your upper lash line with gel liners to hide the band and so the lashes appear natural.

I'm really liking my look with lashes on as it does make a huge difference on the whole look. It can make you look more awake and make your eyes look sexier. You can get some inexpensive lashes on eBay for even lesser price. Some sell it a little cheaper and I think it's a great way to get comfortable with lashes without hurting your pocket! 



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