Friday, March 30, 2012

Danahan Hyoyong Yun Diamond B.B. Cream

I have been planning to put up a review of this amazing bb cream but I always tend to forget about it. This time I really have to do it because I got another bb cream review lined up so I gotta do this now :). The shade that I got is in #23 in Natural Beige. There's a lighter shade but it isn't commonly available. This has SPF 30 / PA++ which is awesome because it provides the skin with great amount of sun protection. 

Danahan Hyoyong Yun Diamond B.B. Cream is the first bb cream with 0.1 Karats of Diamonds believed to posses positive energy that improves the skin's condition naturally, helps to lessen wrinkles, and lighten the skin. When I read this on eBay I knew I just had to get it. A Korean seller who soon became my friend because I bought so many bb creams from her told me that this is what she personally uses so I had to try a couple of sample sizes first to test and see if it works for me. 

This bb cream is a lot thicker than the other brands I have tried. You can see on the swatch  how dense it is and boy this bb cream can cake a lot if you apply too much! Each pack contains about 1ml of bb cream and you can use for 4-5 applications. You need to moisturize your skin and allow it to set for about 5 minutes before applying this bb cream. Otherwise your skin will absorb  more product than you need and cause your makeup to cake. 

The pea size amount you see on the photo above is all I need for my entire face. It has medium coverage and can cover blemishes and imperfection fairly well. This doesn't give my face a grey cast but it reflects light and flash a lot that it looks way too light for me, when in fact it's darker. My shade is natural which should be #21 but this was the only available then and I couldn't find any seller on ebay selling this bb cream anymore. It gives the skin a very dewy and flawless finish, and I normally wear it during the summer because of its high spf content. If you want to build it up to full coverage let it set for about 15 minutes before adding another layer or else it will look messy. Although I wouldn't recommend you to do that if it's too hot or humid because it'll melt. 

bare skin

with bb cream

The photo above shows the before and after the bb cream application, and you can see that it doesn't really match my skin tone perfectly. It appears lighter but it's tad darker in person which is just fine and workable with a loose powder. The longer it sets on the skin the more it looks natural and adapts to my skin tone.

This is a FOTD that I posted a couple of days ago using danahan bb cream and you can see that the coverage is pretty nice. I didn't use any under eye concealer on this look anymore and it managed to make me look awake and normal :). Although I topped this with a light coverage mineral foundation. Nevertheless, it looks like I have a medium coverage foundation on. 

I bought this bb cream for P18/each and started with 10 pieces and after 5 days I loved it so much. Then I learned that the seller where I bought this from was the only one still selling this brand so... desperate times call for desperate measures! I had to buy everything she had left which was about 40 pieces and it's all worth it! I have tried 7 brands already and this has the best coverage by far!

My verdict: 5 STARS!!! If you can get your hands on this brand, try it and you'll see how it's different from the others. 



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