Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ever Bilena Mousse Eyeshadow Review

I've seen this product before displayed on the counter and I got a little interested but kept passing on it because I didn't know if it was worth buying or not. However, last February I decided to try it anyway... and I'm glad I did! My gosh how could I have passed a great quality product?! Ever Bilena is oftentimes perceived as a cheap and low quality product that's why not so many people are checking them out. I have tried only a few products from them and so far they have been great.  


shade info and ingredients

Honestly when I look at the packaging I wouldn't be convinced to buy this because it doesn't look appealing to me. However the pot is in hard transparent plastic and I like that because it looks clean. It comes with  6.5grams of product which is a lot considering the price of only P125 but was on sale for only P70! What a knock off! The reason I tried it was because it was on sale really cheap and I thought it's not a huge loss if it doesn't work out for me. Now I wish I discovered this before when they still had so many available colors. Lesson learned: don't judge a makeup by it's packaging and price... :)

a very pretty amber shade

The product is very soft, foamy, and non oily so it's easy to blend. I am really impressed with the color payoff of this eyeshadow because you only need a very small amount per application! Don't even get me started with it's staying power. This shadow is just not going anywhere! I placed this under running water and it didn't melt. I even tried rubbing it off with my fingers and still it won't fade away. I had to wash it with soap to completely take it off from the back of my hands. Impressed?!

after placing it under running water

This shadow is fairly easy to work with and this is very much buildable. I applied 3 thin layers on each of my lid, one lid with primer underneath, to test for creasing and fading, and 6hrs later it was still pretty clean. I was waiting for it to crease and I was sure it will, and it surprised me! There was very little fading and it didn't crease. I could hardly believe it. I understood how the other lid looked the same because I have a primer underneath, but the other eye was bare and it looked pretty neat. This is a perfect base product to help intensify a shadow, prevent creasing, and make the eye makeup stay in place. 

with primer on the left eye / without prior on the right

after 6 hours... it didn't crease!

This is really a must have  shadow and you should get one now because will soon be discontinued. They didn't have much shades available in my local store anymore and only had amber, opal, and rose quartz which are the shades I am not really too crazy about. Although I may have to get 2 more this week now that I know how good this is LOL. 

My verdict: 5 STARS!!! I have to be crazy not to give it perfect rating because this is a very inexpensive product but the quality can't be beat!



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