Monday, March 26, 2012

Elite Mineral Bronzer in Caramel

I like using bronzers a lot for contouring, as shadow, and as blush especially for the summer as it gives a sun kissed glow to the face. Been using this bronzer for awhile now and I have been happy with this product. It comes in a transparent twist cap pot with sifter, and I appreciate that because it allows me to control the product I want to dispense from the container. 

This mineral bronzer in caramel is a pretty sparkly glow bronzer that is very pigmented and goes on smoothly on the face. It's easy to blend and build up, and because it's not talc-y it doesn't look muddy on the skin. Just make sure that you blend it nicely and you build up the product little by little for a more natural look. This shade will match light to tan skin tones well. It has a very fine sparkles that goes away the more you blend it on the skin, so this product can be used for contouring and as a shimmer glow on the face and neck at the same time.   

If you check out the swatch from the back of my hand, you can see that it blends nicely on my skin and doesn't appear too sparkly at all. If you slowly buff it in the sparkles disappear making it look more natural. And since this is a mineral blush, it lasts a long time and doesn't crease when applied as lid color. The more it sits on the skin, the more it looks natural. I didn't have any problem with breakouts using this bronzer so I'm really happy. All you need is to swirl a small amount on your brush and that's all you need, really. Of course if you want more you can just add it slowly. I didn't remove the sticker on the lid as it keeps the product in the container so I don't worry about it getting messy if I don't store the right side up. 

Elite Mineral Bronzer in Caramel as eyeshadow

This is the summer look that I did a week ago using this bronzer and I think it looks fine :). It lasted for a long time without fading nor caking. I just love long staying products I can count on especially during the summer as it makes my routine easy and I don't need to worry about touch ups anymore. 

The quality of this bronzer is really good as it's only made from pure and natural ingredients. It doesn't contain paraben or animal by products that can be harmful on the skin, and it's not tested on animals! To learn more about this bronzer and other products from Elite Mineral, please visit their website at:

My verdict: 5 STARS!!! I been using 4 Elite Mineral for almost 2 weeks now, and they continue to impress me. If you want to check out my reviews of their eyeshadow primer and foundation, kindly click on the link.



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