Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Elite Mineral Eye Shadow Primer Review

Hello everyone! I have a mineral makeup review for you all and this is on Elite Mineral Eye Shadow Primer. This was sent to me by Elite Mineral last week for review and I have been trying it out every single day. I have to say that I have never been happier with an eye primer before. Been psyched about this product because I've been looking for a good primer and sticky base to use on my eye makeup routine. I have oily skin so my lids tend to get oily as well and really like my eye makeup to stay put and not crease. I love my ELF Primer as it works great considering the price but I can't use it as a sticky base and I have to apply another cream product for that. 

Elite Mineral Eye Shadow Primer is not just as primer but it's also a sticky base. It's in skin tone so it also serves as a concealer to even out the skin tone on the eye area and you can use this on all shades and kinds of shadow. It's paraben free, made with all natural ingredients, not tested on animals, and doesn't contain any animal ingredient so this is perfect for everyone. 

This eye primer has a very thick and creamy consistency. The moment you apply this you can feel that it absorbs the oil and makeup product on your lids but keeps the surface sticky. You only need to dab your finger or brush very lightly on the product and it's all you need to keep your eye makeup in place. It also helps for the shadow to adhere and show up better. The swatches below shows the difference of the shadow with and without the primer. I'm using my ELF warm palette which has 6 very pigmented shadows. As you can see the shadow shows up nicely on my skin but appears bolder and more intense with the primer underneath. 

shadow without primer vs with primer 

after 7hrs 

I have been using this ELF warm palette a few times and I can't make the color appear this way alone. As you can see the color pay off is really amazing. I didn't apply too much product on the lash line but it helped the shadow to pick up more and brighten my eye area. I also applied the primer close to the lash line but I didn't feel any stinging nor irritation.

after 7hrs

After 7hrs this is how my eye makeup looks like! There's fading on the inner third of my lids but very very lightly, which is remarkable considering that I have oily lids. It is still in place, didn't melt, nor crease. My mascara didn't smudge either which should already happen by now. I still have my makeup on now and it looks pretty much the same :). If you're a person who wants your eye makeup to last for more than 8 hours, this is a good product to consider! Not only this is a quality primer but it's also made from natural ingredients.

I've been using this eye primer for a week now and it's been wonderful. I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes one of Elite Mineral's most popular products. It weighs 3.3 grams or 0.34fl .oz and priced at $28.99. It maybe a little pricey but this will last you a long time as very little goes a long way. It's really worth every penny. You can check this eye primer and some of their products at:  http://www.mineralmakeupme.com. Elite Mineral ships to the US and International shipping may also be arranged. All you need to do is contact them for the shipping cost to deliver to your country. And should you have any problems with the product, you may return them within 7 days and get a full refund. 

 My verdict: 5 STARS!!!  Needless to say, this is a must try eye primer.



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