Monday, March 12, 2012

The Face Shop Face It Nail Polish PK105

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I last did a nail polish review and today it's all about this gorgeous nail color from the Face Shop Face It PK105. It's a fuchsia pink polish with blue undertone. This polish is more pricey than their regular polish at P185. I love the packaging because to me it looks more neat and sleek! The brush is longer too and softer than their regular polishes so the application is really smooth and easy. 

The product dries fast when applied on the nails but not on the brush. I sometimes find it annoying when I need to put the wand back in the bottle and shake it because it has already dried up. This polish doesn't have a strong smell and I really appreciate that. It's consistency is runny yet extremely pigmented and opaque which are the reasons why I love it a lot! I have 3 coats on my nails however it doesn't appear thick at all. It doesn't bubble either as long you let each layer dry first before applying the next one. This polish also has enough shine so I didn't apply any top coat anymore. However you can definitely apply a top coat if you like it shinier :).

The Face Shop Face It Nail Polish PK105

The Face Shop Face It Nail Polish PK105 Swatch

The Face It line is more pricey at almost twice the price but the quality and the shade selection is definitely better! If you don't change nail colors often this is a good investment because it just looks very pretty on the nails. 

I only have good words for this product. This is now my favorite among my The Face Shop Nail Polish collection :). If we talk about quality, consistency, and shade this polish is definitely a must have. When I got it this shade it was actually the last one on the shelf and I'm really happy I got my hands on this. If you adore pink as much as I do, you will surely love this :D. 

My verdict: 5 STARS!!! I highly recommend this to all nail polish junkie! You gotta have this in your collection :)



  1. Love that color! I'm wearing something like that but it's more of a red tone.

    1. Glad you like it too Sai! This shade is very flattering :D


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