Friday, March 23, 2012

Finally moved to a new domain

I finally had the guts to transfer my blog to a new domain! I was kind of freaking out because I didn't want to lose my traffic and page rank but I guess it's best to do it sooner than later. I planned to do this last year and chickened out. Now I wish I did this last year :D. You'll now be redirected from my old blog url: to my new domain I got my domain from Go Daddy. They are the best domain provider and their support is amazing. What's great is that I only got my domain for less than $2! :)

I like the new domain more of course because it's personalized but I think I'll miss my old blog url which I have learned to love for almost 3 years now! Time flies by soo fast I didn't even realize that I've had this blog for so long already. When I started I thought I couldn't keep it up and will eventually abandon it. Well I actually did for a few months until I knew what I wanted my blog niche was going to be. I have a few great product reviews coming up for you guys, most of them are from my favorite brand The Face Shop and I'm excited! I got a little carried away and bought quite a few products :).

By the way in case anyone of you is wondering what the paw print on my signature means, that's in memory of my late dog Lara. She's a black border collie and I lost her 2 years ago. She got sick with parvo and didn't survive it. I was devastated when she died and it was not easy. For awhile I didn't want to have dogs anymore. She was so loving and very smart you can teach her different tricks in minutes, and she learns fast! She would always walk me out whenever I leave the house and made sure that I was safe. One time she saved me and my fiance' from robbers and I will never forget that. Now whenever I leave the house her playmate Lucky, our neighbor's dog, is the one walking me out. He didn't use to do that... Strange? I don't really know how to explain it. So I made this signature so I always have her with me. I still miss her now and I always will...

Anyway I hope you all are doing great! I just wanted to update you of what's going on now. This change is a breath of fresh air and I'm glad that I finally made up my mind. It's been 5 days since my last post and I miss spending time with my blog. I will try to make a new post everyday from now on to make it up. You all have a good one! :)



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