Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shop for Less at Dress Etc

Do you love shopping? I do, but I have very little time to look for stuff that I like in malls because of work and other personal commitments. Unless I know where to get them already, I don't normally go around to find new things, so I shop online, and look for brands and items not locally available. Now why do I opt for online shopping than doing the real thing? It's because aside from saving time, I also get to save a lot of money. Sellers list their items at a discounted price, and some of them even offer free shipping, which is amazing! More savings for me, yay! :). Although I love malling too because I get my dose of exercise :). 

I used to shop at eBay but after a shopping nightmare that happened to my cousin, I got scared and totally avoided buying anything from the internet. Until I found multiply stores where transaction is smoother, more secure, and paying for your purchase is really easy. One of the multiply sellers who offer cool items at an inexpensive price is Dress Etc. The owner Sai Montes runs the online store, and she has products from apparel, footwear, accessories, and makeup. If you love Avon products but cannot find a friendly and accommodating Avon Lady, this is the perfect time to check out her store. Plus she offers free shipping, isn't that great?! Your items delivered to your door step even when you're too busy to shop. 

Below are some of the samples of items she sells and their corresponding prices. You won't believe how affordable they are:









If you like to shop for clothes, accessories, and even makeup for less, check out Dress Etc. The prices can't be beat, and the process is very easy. Payment options accepted are Western Union, BPI, Gcash, and even Paypal. Dress Etc is a one stop online shop and Sai has variety of products from head to toe to choose from! Visit their Facebook Page and subscribe to receive updates on the latest items, and grab them before someone else does! If you haven't tried shopping online yet, now is the right time to start. 

Sai is also a blogger, and you can find her here, where she posts articles about fashion, makeup, nail art tutorials, and other random stuff :). 



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