Monday, November 12, 2012

SaladBox: September Box

It's been awhile since my last post, and I feel terrible. I have missed my blog so much! I wanted to put this up last week, but I got so busy with work, then over the weekend; my internet was down and was only fixed an hour ago! Anyway, I'm starting my week right :). I'm in a good mood today because after a long time, I got to enjoy my coffee again.

So this post is on the September box of SaladBox which I only received 2 weeks ago. This beauty and lifestyle box is the first in the Philippines. Its foreign counterparts are Glambox, Glossybox, Birchbox, PopSugar, etc. This is only for P500, and you get a bunch of full size and sample size products, which is a good way to test products without breaking your pocket!

This is what the box looks like!

This is what you see when you open the box

They're featuring Filipino items on their first box, isn't that nice?!

List of the products and their prices... not everything is here though

I love how they packed the items securely. The box is a good quality and they wrapped the products with Japanese paper which to me is very neat, considering you're only paying P500. 

Look at how many items are in there!

Not all of the products are on the list with it's prices so I'm really not sure how much some of these retails at on the market. 

So let's quickly talk about the items in the September box.

1) BC Fragrance Gift Voucher. You get P100 OFF on your next purchase at which is valid for one use only until December 31, 2012.

2) Sakura Foam Hand Sanitizer. It doesn't say how much it is on the list but it's priced at P90 available at the Saladbox Shop. Like the name says, it's in foam form, which is kind of new to me because I have always used a gel hand sanitizer. It contains 50ml of product, comes in a pump, and has a clean lotion scent.

3) Camaru Naturals Bamboo Charcoal Clarifying Soap. This is a full-size item as well which is available at the SaladBox Shop at P150 for 135g of product. It says it effectively clears out the skin's impurities, and also whitens and moisturizes the skin. And it's vegan!

4) Hot Shop Pour Femme - Happy. Another full-sized item priced at P400 and is available at the SaladBox Shop. It's in a frosted glass packaging which contains 50ml of product. This is my favorite item in the box, and I love its sunny, happy, and refreshing scent!

5) BC Fragrance Pillow Mist in Relaxing Mint. This is in travel size, but the full size is available at the SaladBox Shop for only P150 for 60ml of product. I love the refreshing but relaxing scent of this pillow mist, and it makes my sleep more peaceful :).

6) Black Beauty Gold Shampoo and Conditioner. These are in sachets, and one of the items I love in this box. This is only good for one use, but it's all I need to convince me to buy it! I've seen these in supermarkets, but I never cared to try it. I love how this combo made my hair softer and smoother after one wash. I'm definitely buying this after I finish my Dove shampoo and conditioner!

7) Virginia Olsen Eyeshadow in Pink Diamond and Green Pearl. These are mineral eyeshadows and are very pigmented! When I opened the box, my eyes automatically zoomed into these shadows LOL. I love that it came in a pot with 1g of product. It's prized at P150 on their website, although it doesn't say how much product, it comes with, so I'm not certain if this is full size or just a sample.

8) Natura Cosmetics Gorgeous! Argan Cheek and Lip Stik. This is another full-size item priced at P150 and is available at the Saladbox Shop. It's wax based which I am not really crazy about because it's not oily skin friendly :). It's matte but non-drying, has red undertone, and very pigmented and creamy so a little goes a long way.

The total cost of the items is P940, and if you add those that were not priced, it should total to more than P1, 000, which is not bad at all. You get so much more products than what you're paying for the monthly subscription.

If you're interested on this monthly beauty and lifestyle subscription box service, go visit them at and check out the subscription that best suits you.

If you want me to review any specific item in the box, just let me know :). Have a dazzling day everybody!

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