Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polish Haul

I previously mentioned about liking Korean Cosmetics because of their quality and value for money. Another Korean brand I love is Face Shop. They have wide array of makeup and cosmetics to choose from. Although I have not tried their skin care products, I have gotten my hands on their makeup and nail polishes. The colors are vibrant and very wearable. Check out the latest colors I got from their shop!

Shade # and ingredients listed at the back. The bottle comes in 11ml bottle which I think is a lot of product. Check out how elegant the colors are up close.

These colors are amazing if you are into dark nail colors but don't like the dramatic effect of a black nail polish. The Face It line is more pricey at P285 but the two others are their classic nail colors I might say, which is at P95. Once you have painted your nails with these, you'll say it's definitely worth the price and you get the value for your money because it's just stunning. Reviews to follow so stay tuned!



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