Friday, January 21, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polish BL604 Review

This is a review of Face Shop Nail Polish BL604 that I bought yesterday. I was so excited to put them on today and wanted to share with you a review of what I think about this product. Please don't mind the stains and blemishes on my nails though. The star here is the nail color :)

I only applied 2 coats and this is how it looks like. I like how opaque it is that I was able to achieve this with just 2 coats. It wasn't streaky at all like other local brands I have tried. It glided on my nails very well. I don't mind the brush at all because it fits perfectly on my nails. I just had to be careful applying it though because the color is a little dark and I'm sure cleaning it up will be a lot of work. So I did manage to apply it easily but I'm no expert so smearing and smudging cannot be avoided. Especially when you are too excited to wear it!

This is the darkest color I have worn so far because this is as close I can get to a black nail color. I think black is too dramatic for me so this is the best option.


-It glides on easily
-Not streaky
-Dries out fast
-Very pigmented
-Gorgeous color
-Brush is the right size
-Looks good alone even without top coat

-I can't think of any yet :)

I have used a few Face Shop nail colors and I notice that they chip after 4 days. Maybe because I'm just working on my laptop too much that it wears off quickly, I don't know. I have to say that the staying power though is better than my LA Colors which breaks after 2 days. Overall I love the product and I will continue buying it.

*** E D I T ***

I had to remove the nail polish today because it started chipping. So it only stayed flawless on my nails for 3 days. Although I have to say that the damaged parts were only on the tips of my nails and not all over it. Normally it stays on for more than a week until it completely breaks to a point that I cannot take anymore. But still it's all good and I love this nail color. I did another review of the coral-y shade polish in RD301 so do check it out.



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