Friday, January 21, 2011

The Face Shop Eyeshadow Haul, Swatches, and Review

I bought these eyeshadows for awhile now but just had the chance to write about it and show swatches. Haven't used these often too not because it's not good. I'm just into neutral shades as of the moment. But now that I wrote about it, I think I'm going to wear it again and post some pictures here to show how the shadows look like when applied on the skin.

They do come in a wide variety of shades but these are the only ones I got because it's easy to wear and I can match them with the other eyeshadows I have. I didn't turn on the flash on these photos so it doesn't wash off the color and you'll see how it picks up on my skin.

I like these shadows because they are pigmented and not chalky. It glides on the skin very well and also blendable. Staying power is not a question either as long as you use a primer or a base, and it can last for more than 8 hours without wearing off. If you don't wear a primer however, the color doesn't pick up very much. You'll have to build it up slowly for the color to show up good. If you don't have a primer or a base, you can always go for liquid foundation or moisturizer. Another reason why I like these shadows is because they are very much wearable like how we Asians like it. You can totally wear this alone and still look good. The shadows come in 3 grams which I think is a lot of product for the price of P295 if I remember it right. I love the packaging too because it looks presentable and well-made. In general the product is worth buying :).



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