Friday, January 21, 2011

Loreal Endless Kissable Lip Color Review

Here's another review of Loreal Endless Kissable Lip Color in Finest Wine # 710. It comes in a slim gold packaging and 2 grams of products. According to the label it's zero transfer and extreme wear. You have to apply it on your lips and leave it for a minute or two before rubbing your lips together.

The color on the photos look mauve y because of the flash but it physically looks a little darker. The shade is as red as the red wine and I think it will look good on any skin tone. On the swatch below, the product comes out the same on my lips which I really like. It's also non-drying even if it feels dry when you apply it on. It also doesn't look dry which you can see on the swatch. I love the pigmentation of this lipstick, it has a little sparkle that makes it even more appealing, and the color is really lovely.

Now let's get on to the cons part the review. It isn't extreme wear as I expected it to be. It stays on good as long as you don't eat during the entire time you're wearing it because the moment that you do, the product flakes and removes half of the color on your lips which isn't pleasant. It's a little difficult to remove the product with just a tissue so you need an oil based lip and eye makeup remover to completely take it off but I cannot complain about that because after all it's a long wear lipstick :)



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