Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cute Summer Nails: The Face Shop Nail Polish PK105

I have done quite a few reviews of TFS Nail Polish so this will not be a full review but more of a swatch post. I was intending to make a review and swatches of a new shade that I got which is green but I noticed that I haven't used this one yet so I decided to do this one first to show some pictures of how cute this color is. This shade is in PK105 that retails at P99. It's a very pretty pink shade suitable for the season! Summer is not my favorite season because it's burning hot but this is the time when most people hit the beach, enjoy the vacation, and be in style (of course compared to the rainy season). I really like wearing bright colors on my nails and this is the best time to do it! 

Below are some of the photos of the nail color on my nails. I broke my nails 3 days ago **sad** so I cut it short but I think it still looks pretty nice and clean :).

The Face Shop PK105 Swatch

The Face Shop PK105 Swatch

The Face Shop PK105 Swatch

Pink is my favorite color and this is one of the best pink nail colors I have used. I actually saw another pink toned nail polish when I bought the green one 2 days ago and I am excited to get my nails on them :). It's a brighter shade and more candy like. Will definitely get them this week and post some pictures after the green one so you see how cute it is. 

Just like the other TFS Nail Colors I have tried, this one is easy to apply, very pigmented, and fast drying! I love The Face Shop Nail Colors and I give this one 5 STARS!!! :D

Over the past week I got a few products I am excited to share with you all but my time is just very limited. I hope to find more free time this week for some skin care and makeup reviews. Take care guys and I hope you enjoyed this post! 



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