Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX 01 Pink Nail Polish Remover Review

When I was in The Face Shop store on Sunday, I was testing different nail colors and I had to use their nail polish remover and I loved how it didn't dry my nails and skin at all, it had a sweet scent, and a little of the product removed the nail polish so easily. With that I decided to buy their nail polish remover. It's a little more pricey compared to local brands as this one is P95 but I think it's all worth it. I was using a local brand to remove my nail polish before but I didn't like it because it had a strong smell and I think has a lot of acetone content. Every time I remove my nail color, it leaves like white patches on my nails and makes the skin around my nails very dry so I thought it's time to change it. And I have used The Face Shop Nail Polish for awhile now so I thought using a nail polish remover from TFS is also good, not that the others don't work. 

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX 01 Pink Nail Polish Remover

For those who wants to know the ingredients, here's a closer shot below:

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX 01 Pink Nail Polish Remover

You can still smell the acetone from this product but it's not as strong like the others I have tried. The strawberry scent makes me enjoy removing my nail polish now unlike before. I also like that it moisturizes my nails and add a healthy shine to it. For a 100ml product at P95, I don't think too pricey at all considering that it makes me feel confident that it's not drying and messing up my nails. A little of this nail polish remover goes a long way. Just 5 drops of this product cleaned and removed all the nail colors on my nails without needing to do it again and I am impressed! 

I am loving this product! Will surely keep using it and definitely repurchase once I finish this bottle! I give it 5 STARS!!! 

Hope this short review helps! Good night, good morning, and good afternoon everyone! Take care :)



  1. i looove the TFS nail polish remover! one swipe and the nail polish is gone. :)

    followed your blog. :)


    twitter @pastelbjacket

  2. Yeah it's definitely worth the money :). Thanks for following and for stopping by. Followed you on twitter :)


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