Friday, October 28, 2011

Tips for Stronger and Healthier Nails

I've always had problems with my nails because it's weak and brittle and breaks when it grows out. I have tried using nail hardeners but nothings seems to work. For awhile now I have been applying olive oil on my hands and nails and the condition has improved a lot. My fingernails are totally stronger now. Before I can just bend my nails when it's long enough but not anymore :D. I didn't actually realize it since I was so focused on how my hands have been softer since I started with this regimen. Until I noticed that it's a pain to cut my nails anymore with the tiny nail cutter and I had to buy the larger ones. I'm really happy with the outcome and I am now using olive oil on my hair. I am hoping that it will make it stronger, thicker, and less dry because my hair strand is really thin (baby thin). We'll see how it goes then :D



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