Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: Victoria's Secret Secret Garden Limited Edition Berry Sugar Hydrating Body Lotion

The sensual and subtle scent of this body lotion are the main reasons why I like it. I don't use body lotions too often because I don't like the greasy feeling after I apply it on my skin (weird?!). However, I like how my skin absorbs this VS body lotion without leaving a greasy after feel.  I can wear it on a hot and humid weather like now and I don't feel uncomfortable. I can wear this the whole day and not have a need to use a cologne anymore. The smell stays on even after I wash my hands while still keeping my skin hydrated, what's not to love? It also doesn't smell funny when it blends with your sweat unlike other body lotions. Not that I sweat a lot :D! This has a very thick consistency so I only need a small amount and it lasts me for hours. If you apply a whole lot the smell becomes too overwhelming in my opinion.

This body lotion has aloe, grapeseed extracts, oat, vitamin e, and c which is very nourishing and moisturizing.  After the application I can really feel that my skin is refreshed, smoother, and smells really good. I can barely smell the berry because the scent is oat, sweet sugar, and a hint of vanilla over powers it. It reminds me of the Amber Romance Fragrance Mist which I love too but only has lesser intense vanilla scent. If you love vanilla scented body lotions, you sure will love this too.

My verdict: 5 STARS
Would I repurchase: YES
Would I recommend it: Absolutely!



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