Monday, November 7, 2011

Fanny Serrano Eyeliner Brush

I got this brush a few days ago for P150 when I purchased my gel liner. I thought it was a really nice brush because the bristles are soft and firm, making it easy for me to have better control of the gel liner. The brush has just the right size that's perfect for the application. It claims that they use the finest, natural hair but the fiber of this brush is not a natural hair unlike their other brushes. Although it's very soft and not rough on the skin which is really important for me. It has a slim and long plastic handle. 

I like that this brush allows me to draw a thin and even line. I'm new to gel liners (before I just use an eyeliner pen or a liquid pen liner because it's easier to work with) but this brush helped to apply the gel liner effortlessly.

I like this brush and I think it's worth the cost :D. My verdict: 4 STARS! 



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