Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review: Etude House Nail Polish

This is the first Etude House Nail Polish I have tried and I have been very happy with the results. It's a small-sized nail polish compared to The Face Shop polishes I have tried, and cheaper for only P49. It's an affordable nail color which I would love to try more. The quality is really really good :D. If I'm not mistaken, there's 7ml of product in this bottle.

Etude House Nail Polish PK012

I was very interested with the shade when I saw this nail polish on the display. I can't resist a pretty pink anything (most of the time). And because the packaging is so cute :D. I like Etude House lip products and bb cream a lot so I thought that this product is as good as well. 

Etude House Nail Polish Swatch

 complements the skin well

I love how it makes my nails look neat and clean

The product is really sheer. I had to apply 3 layers to achieve the same color as on the bottle. The brush is soft and longer so it feels like you're light handed when applying it on your nails and seems like you have less control. Its consistency is not too thick so it glides on smoothly. It dries out pretty fast too which is a really good thing. After the third day today it still didn't chip even without the top coat.

Overall I really like this product a lot. It's a cheaper but good quality nail polish that I would love to repurchase. I would recommend this product and color to those who like a candy pink nail polish for less than P50.

My verdict: 4.5 STARS!!!



  1. upto now i dont own any nail polish from etude house hehe since they sell more bright pastel colors, my type is deep colors, next time ill try to look i might find something i like i hope so coz it sounds so good :)

  2. Yeah most of their nail colors are pastel. I think I saw darker shades but there are only a few of them. Hope you find one that you like :D

  3. I really love the colors of EH nail polish but I can't understand it doesn't last long to me. What is your secret to make your polishes last long especially EH polishes? I hope you can help me. Nice blog anyway I followed you! ^^,


  4. Hi Lora! I use The Face Shop base coat before applying my polishes. It makes my nail color last a lot longer and it works really well with other brands too. I normally skip the top coat because I find that it only makes the layer thicker and easy to chip. I hope this helps :)

  5. Thank you so much Miss Dazzler for the tip! ^^, Will definitely try that out. Happy New Year! ^^,

  6. You're welcome Lora :). I hope it works out for you. Happy New Year! :D

  7. Hi again Miss Dazzler! I followed your tip and it really works yay! I can finally buy more EH polishes and make them last long. Thank you so much for the tip! ^^,


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