Saturday, December 17, 2011

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Wine

Since the holiday is coming I was looking for a perfect red lipstick that I can wear for the holidays. I was lucky that Maybelline is having this 30% off promotion this December so I was tempted to buy this very gorgeous lip color. It retails at P299 but with the discount I only paid P210. What a steal! 

flash washed out the color :(

took another shot... now that's the color! 

I see a lot of holiday look using a red lipstick and I just love it a lot!  it's been awhile since I bought a red, vampire-ish lipstick and I believe this is the perfect one! The swatch shows how pigmented the product is and it's super glossy! You don't need to top this off with a lip gloss anymore because this lipstick has it all! If you like a classic pin up look, I believe this is the best shade to wear :D.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Wine

it's the perfect red lipstick!


after blotting twice!

This lipstick is very moisturizing. The consistency is really creamy and goes on smoothly. The color payoff is amazing and I'm just happy that I got this! I only did 1 swatch on the photos above and you can see that it's very opaque. You can build this up if you want the color to be more intense, but not for this shade 'coz you won't need it :). I love that it doesn't have any shimmers or glitters. The staying power though is very impressive! It leaves a pigmented tint on the lips even after you blot it.

For the price, you can never go wrong with this lipstick and brand! This shade is perfect for any skin tone because it adds color and glow to the face, but will be flattering on fair skin. However, will make any redness on the face more visible, so it's best to cover the blemishes really well. Red lipstick is a classic and never goes out of style... 

I recommend this shade to anyone who wants a red and glossy lipstick, especially for the holidays. I will definitely repurchase color sensational lipsticks. 

My verdict: 5 STARS!!!



  1. Very pretty! By any chance, have you seen one that's cranberry/plum yung shade? :D

  2. Hi Janine! I think there is a berry/plum shade. Don't remember the name lang. I'll check it out soon and let you know :D


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