Saturday, March 2, 2013

Neutrogena Revitalizing Pink Grapefruit Ultra Foam Cleanser Review

I have been meaning to review this cleanser for such a long time, but my schedule hasn't allowed me to put this up earlier. I bought it in November last year when I was in the hunt for a good cleanser that I can replace with my Olay which I have been using for a while. The price is alright at P319.00 for 175ml of product, and although I have read so many mixed reviews about this cleanser, I was still drawn into trying it to see for myself.

Neutrogena says:

  • Cleans deep down into pores with a self-dispensing luxurious foam
  • Effectively removes up to 90% of oil, dirt, and impurities
  • Contains pink grapefruit, helps eliminate dead skin cells for younger-looking and healthy skin. 

List of Ingredients

I love the packaging not only because it's pink, but because it's looks so clean! The pump is smooth and dispenses enough product. I love that it's a foam cleanser because it isn't too concentrated anymore when you massage it on the skin. It doesn't lather much, but it cleanses the skin really well. It does remove 90% of the oil, dirt, and impurities, and it's doing a good job so far for almost 4 months now. Some say that this doesn't remove makeup, well it's because it isn't a makeup remover type of cleanser, so don't expect to use this to take off your makeup, unless you wash it twice, which I don't suggest you do because it will really dry out your skin. 2 pumps are good enough for me, and I use 3 pumps to remove excess makeup for deep cleansing. 

3 pumps of cleanser

I don't recommend this to anyone who has dry skin because this will dry your skin more and cause you breakouts or irritation. If you have normal skin, and you are prone to whiteheads and blackheads, this is a cleanser to consider. I have oily skin and fiance' has combination skin (very oily and dry but very sensitive), yet his skin loves this cleanser a lot. I use it twice everyday, in the morning and evening. I put on a moisturizer within 3 minutes after cleansing because that is the best time to apply it while the skin is still damp, otherwise, my skin feels really dehydrated. Although it does remove dead skin cells, I would, however, use a facial scrub twice a week for thorough exfoliation.

My verdict: 4 STARS! For now, this is my go to cleanser, and I will continue using it. It has prevented whiteheads and kept my skin clean and clear. I'm already on my second bottle and so far; it's all good. For the men, if you're interested in a man's opinion which has used this for 4 months, here's a short review from the fiance' :).

He says:
"I think this cleanser works better on men who have very oily skin because it's a deep cleanser that's not harsh on skin. I have tried several cleansers, but this is the one I really like so far. 2 thumbs up!"

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