Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Revlon Color Stay Foundation Review

Revlon Color Stay Foundation in Nude 200

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? This review is about Revlon ColorStay Makeup, Combination/Oily Skin, Nude, 1 Ounce. If you can see on the bottle, there's a little separation because I have had this for awhile now but only used it for the past 3 days for the purpose of this review. It comes in 30ml of liquid foundation and it has SPF 6. I appreciate that it has sun protection but pretty low. Make sure you use a moisturizer with higher SPF to protect your skin from direct sunlight. Revlon has a wide variety of shades to choose from and I finally got one that matches my skin tone without needing to mix 2 different foundation. 

Revlon Color Stay Foundation 

I only used this once before because I didn't have a good experience the first time. I have Combination to Oily skin so I thought this was going to be perfect, but I was wrong. It caked a lot and I looked funny. My friends couldn't notice what was wrong (or maybe they were just being nice) but I saw how it made me look 5 yrs older so I stopped using it. Since this foundation is suitable for combination to oily skin, it's oil -free and makes the skin look dry. So I decided to mix a small amount of face lotion to give it a little moisture, and it worked great! It blended on my skin pretty well and since it has a lot more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, I was able to skip the concealer and shorten my makeup routine. My skin remained flawless, fresh, and oil-free the whole time and I love it! I use tinted moisturizer or bb cream every time and it stays on but I needed to use a blotting paper after 5 - 6hrs. I don't really use foundation everyday because I want my skin to be able to breathe but there are times when I  just like using it for medium coverage and for a "no makeup" look. If you prefer you may also use it with a damp sponge and it will make the application easy.

One I don't like about this foundation is the scent. It has a very strong smell like alcohol and I don't like it. It gives me discomfort every time I use it. At first I got a little worried that it will irritate my skin but thankfully it didn't. I'll still use this but it would have been better if the scent is not this strong.

So what do I think about this product? I think it works great with added moisture. I maybe able to work this product alone with a damp sponge but I don't really like a full coverage foundation. I'm not crazy about it but it's nice to have for medium coverage. The staying power is amazing and the wide selection of shades for your specific skin tone is really great. I'll post some pictures soon of me using this foundation. I just can't do it tonight because it's late now :). I hope the review helps anyone considering to buy this product. I give it 3.5 STARS!



  1. Do you know how much is this and where did you buy it? thank you so much.. more powers to your blog :)

  2. accdg to sources, it shouldn't be cakey if applied correctly. also, this product is comparable to a MAC liquid foundation.

    this is what i found:"You have to apply one section at a time, as it dries VERY quickly and WILL not blend after it dries. So all of you who are used to patting & dabbing forever to build coverage, this is NOT how you put this stuff on. say you try to "touch up" after it dries, you have to be very careful and use a cosmetic sponge, or things will get weird. Once it's on there, its on there, and you better not add more, since this will litterally make it too full coverage."

    there ya go, this might help you^^, btw where can i get this in the philippines??

  3. Thanks Anonymous! This tip is very helpful! I appreciate you finding an easy solution and sharing it with us :D ! I do find that quickly patting it on my skin with my hands makes the application easy and appear more natural on my skin. You can buy this from departments stores and it costs between P700 and P900.


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