Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hair Care: Pure Beauty Treatment Essence Water

This product caught my attention because they have this huge poster of a woman with gorgeous hair and I want that too :)! I like the packaging as well because it looks expensive and professional yet reasonably priced. I don't like using hair creams or thick serums because it clumps my fine hair and makes it look like I have less of it. And since it says essence water on the packaging, I was easily swayed to buy it. I got it from Watson for a couple hundred pesos with 200ml of product. It's on a spray bottle with a lock so it's easy to use and spill proof. 


list of ingredients

This product can be used in 2 ways:

1) After washing and conditioning gently pat hair to remove excess water, then gently spray all over the hair from roots to tips and comb through.

2) Spray on dry hair anytime to smooth and moisturize then style as usual.

What I like about this treatment condition is it detangles and keeps my hair smooth and nourished without weight my hair down. The product is as light as water and doesn't make my hair greasy so it's a huge plus. It helps to keep my hair less frizzy and saves me from a bad hair day so what's not to love :). The scent is not over powering so I really like it. 

There's only a minor thing that I don't like about this product and that's how the sprayer dispenses the product. It squirts instead of spraying the conditioner so the product is not spread out evenly on the hair. So I normally spray it on my hands and apply on my hair for even application.

In general this product is a good buy. For the price, you can never go wrong with this because there's a lot of product to last you for months. I recommend it to anyone who doesn't like a serum to detangle or defrizz their hair. 

My verdict: 4 STARS!



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