Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polish BR806 Swatches and Review

Here's another The Face Shop Nail Polish review for the week. I just got 4 new polishes this week because TFS is having a 3 + 1 promotion for December, and I'll do another haul post and show pictures of those 4 shades I got today. This one is from my purchase last week. It's still on their P95 polishes line with 11ml of product.  

shade and ingredients list...

This shade is very flattering and should suit all skin tone but makes a fair skin look pinkish. I didn't think twice of getting this when I saw it on the display because the color is just so pretty. It's a reddish brown nail color that is perfect for the coming holidays. This is a good alternative if you don't want to wear red nails but want it to look chic. I applied 3 coats to achieve the same shade as on the bottle. It's very opaque but not streaky so it's easy to apply. It also dries pretty quickly. Just grab the right amount of product and let it dry in between application so it lasts longer and won't chip right away. I like that it doesn't feel heavy on my nails. I didn't apply top coat anymore because I don't want too much layers on polish on my nails. However, I applied a base coat to protect my nails from any damage.

true to it's color on the bottle

the shade is really flattering 


this is a nice nail color for fall/winter

So far I have no complains on the bristles of their brush. They have been pretty consistent. As for the staying power, it's about the same as some lasts up to 5 days and some stays on for 7 days. It can dry pretty fast on the bottle so just make sure to close it tightly. 

As always I love The Face Shop Nail Polish because they are affordable and they quality is really good. This is one of the colors from TFS that I really like because it's not too loud yet makes the nails look very lovely. My verdict is no doubt 5 STARS!!!



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