Monday, December 12, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polish Haul

The Face Shop is holding a buy 3 + 1 promotion on their P95 polishes. It's a great savings if you are a fan of nail colors because you get one for free :D. I brought home 4 new shades which are really pretty. Before the promotion I bought 2 other shades and I wished I waited longer :D. I reviewed the BR806 yesterday and will be doing the yellow one I got soon. For now here are the polishes I got. 2 greens (GR), 1 brown shade (BR), and 1 purple (PP. I actually already have the purple and have half of the bottle left but I just love this color a lot so I wanted to get it again.

I super love their paper bag :)

nice box...

in shades BR802 / GR501 / PP406 / GR502

Those polishes with black handles have glitters on them and is perfect for the coming holidays and parties. I'm looking forward to trying the GR502 because it's a metallic grey green shade with some sparkles and I think they are really pretty. The purple one I have already and it's so gorgeous and one of my favorite dark shades from TFS because it's very flattering. The one brown is a great neutral color for everyday, and for a neat and clean effect because it doesn't have glitters on them. 

This is a perfect Christmas gift especially to someone who loves nail colors a lot. For only P285 you get to give 4 nail polishes :). 



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