Monday, December 12, 2011

Tony Moly Crystal BB Cream Swatches and Review

I have been using BB cream for quite awhile now and I love how it makes my skin look younger without layering too much product on my face. BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm which became very popular in Korea and Japan. It gives a youthful glow and even out the skin tone for a flawless effect. Plus it has skin care properties so it's better than foundation. It's in natural and is not available in any other shades. 

I bought this on ebay from a Korean seller who was so kind to give me a huge discount. She didn't have the one on tube then so I bought 40pcs of this sample pack and I still have a lot :D. I use other brands too such as Danahan, Skin food, Etude House, and Skin 79 and I'll write a review on each of them too. Each sample pack takes me about a week to use so it's very cost efficient. 

after blending the bb bream on my skin

I started using bb creams 2 years ago and I still prefer it over foundation for everyday use. I love the consistency of this particular bb cream because it's not too watery nor too thick. On the swatch above you will see that it made my skin look fresher. It blends with the skin well after it oxidizes, and it minimizes blemishes and pores. 

The best way to apply bb creams is to pat it gently on the skin with your fingers and blend it smoothly. You will only need a small amount of product and a thin layer on every application. I find that using a brush only takes a lot of product than you need.  This offers a light coverage but you can layer them after it sets on the skin for more coverage. 

bare face on the left / with bb cream on the right

This is the first time I showed my bare face so please excuse my imperfections :D. I didn't apply moisturizer anymore because this bb cream already gives a dewy effect and applying it on top of face lotion will only make the skin look more shiny. You can if you want but wait until the moisturizer sets first. I only applied a small amount and it managed to even out my skin tone. No more redness and blemishes but you still see your skin through which is how I like my everyday makeup. And it keeps the skin soft and hydrated all throughout the day without the sticky feel! It didn't cause any breakout or itchiness on my sensitive skin either. I tried 2 varieties of Hanskin bb creams and it broke me out unfortunately so I stopped purchasing them.

The only downside that I can think of is it's not available on other shades.  It has a grey undertone so it can look too pale for those who have warm under tones. It may not be suitable for darker skin tones too.

I'll be reviewing my Revlon Loose Powder next and use it on top of this bb cream so you can see how it looks after setting it with a powder :). I love this bb bream and I will keep buying this same brand once I run out of it :D. I recommend anyone to try this if you like using tinted moisturizer. Buy the sample pack first so you know if you like it or not without spending too much money :). My verdict is 4.5 STARS!!!



  1. thanks for sharing this review...the name says it enhances the glow in your skin...Its nice that BB creams does well to your skin..Not mine..I've tried several BB creams but almost all of them break me you have any BB cream recommendation you could suggest for acne prone skin..

  2. Oh sorry to hear that bb creams break you out. I heard BRTC is good for acne prone skin. Have you tried skin food peach sake? It's for oily skin and it's water based. Which brands have you tried already?

  3. It's better if you'll blend it up to your neck to achieve a better result.

    1. Yeah I agree :). Will do so next time. Thanks! :D


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