Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ELF Studio Golden Bronzer

I've had this in my stash for a while now, and I didn't want to use it at first because I wanted to get the warm bronzer, but I accidentally picked up golden. The colors cannot be used as a bronzer because they are too bright, and best as a highlight color instead. On the website, ELF actually describes this as a highlight product. The cool bronzer is even more beautiful because all the four colors are matte, and would make a perfect contour shade.

ELF Golden Bronzer 

ELF Golden Bronzer Ingredients

The compact is huge and sleek, and the same size as the contouring and blush bronzing powder, so if you have that you'll know how big this bronzer is. It contains 12.3 grams of four different shimmer shades, which provide a healthy glow, particularly for the summer. The compact comes with a big mirror that's very useful, especially for travel. It doesn't come with a brush which to me is fine and expected in elf blushes and bronzers. 

ELF Golden Bronzer 

ELF Golden Bronzer 

All the four colors are really pretty! I even love how the combination of the colors looked together. They make a very nice highlight color that's not over powering, instead gives a natural glow. It's not too pigmented so you can blend the colors well together. The first color on the top right can be used as a bronzer if you're really fair, and fine with luminous bronzer because it's not very shimmery like the two lighter shades. The other three colors are too light, and makes a good highlight color, even as an eyeshadow. The powder is fine and pressed well, and actually quite impressive for a P250 product. The only problem I had with it is it's too powdery.  It crumbles if I swirl my blush brush over the product to pick up all the colors, so I use a stipple brush instead. 

ELF Golden Bronzer Swatch

The first swatch above is how the four colors look like when blended together. The second one is the shade on the top left which is a golden toned bronzer/highlighter; next to it is the color on the upper right, which is a peachy shimmer color with gold undertones; followed by the pearl shade with silver sparkles; and lastly, agoldeny pink color with gold shimmers. I read in reviews that the color is similar to Dior Amber Diamond. I can't confirm it though because I don't own any Dior product, but from the swatches and images online, they kinda are.  

ELF Golden Bronzer Swatch

I don't fancy shimmery products too much, but I love this because they are not a chunk of sparkles but actually micro shimmers. It doesn't look too much on the skin, yet it blends nicely and gives it a healthy luminous glow. If you have oily skin and enlarged pores, just avoid placing this on the apples of the cheeks, and you're good :). I used this as an eyeshadow and it looked lovely. You just need a sticky base to make the product show up on the lids better as it's not highly pigmented. It's a very versatile product as you can use each color separately, and it stays on all day!

My verdict: 4.5 STARS!!! This bronzer is a great addition to any makeup collection. The price is unbelievable, and the quality is really good. It's definitely worth getting!



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