Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nichido Minerals/Spot Concealer

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you're all having a great day. I want to post this review before I go to sleep because I have been wanting to get this up already but always forget to do so. This is on the Nichido Minerals/Spot Concealer in Neutral, which I think is the lightest shade on this line. I got this from Watsons for a few months now because I was looking for a skin tone colored eyeliner for my water line, and I couldn't find one that doesn't have shimmer, so I went for this one instead. 

The packaging caught my attention instantly because it just looks so clean, and I love the wood finish a lot. This is a pencil and not automatic so you need to sharpen it. It contains 1.14grams of product. The consistency is like a pencil liner, not too soft and not too hard either. It's easy to blend and buildable. It says waterproof and allergy tested, and contains mica and zinc oxide. I'm not allergic to any of these ingredients, so I thought this was going to work for me. 

Nichido Minerals/Spot Concealer Neutral Swatch 
Nichido Minerals/Spot Concealer Neutral when blended

I used this immediately when I got home because I was very excited to try it, and it only lasted me about an hour or so before the product started melting and accumulating on the corners of my eyes, which did not look pretty. The reason I bought this product was because it says waterproof, so I thought it was going to be perfect on my waterline. I wish I checked the reviews first because had I known that this is not waterproof, I would have gotten another item and skipped this. It did, however, perform okay as a spot concealer as it matches my skin fairly well and stayed put just fine. I tried using it under my eyes, and it was tolerable for a while, but it still creased. Like I said this wouldn't have been a good use to me because there's nothing special about this product, and I already have a concealer that I'm happy with. If you think about it though, this is not made for the waterline, so I must not expect it to work there :D.

My verdict: 2 STARS!!! I'm a simple person, and I get easily pleased by inexpensive yet good-quality products, but this just didn't work for me; I wish it did. I'm giving it 2 stars as it concealed small spots okay and this will come in handy when travelling.  I don't recommend anyone getting this product as it's not a good value for your money.

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