Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Style My Eyebrow

Hey everyone! I have a new product review for you all (at last!) and it is on The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex Style My Eyebrow in 01 Brown Grey. I have had this eyebrow pencil since November last year, and it's been my go to brow product ever since. I got it from The Face Shop for only P150, which is very inexpensive and will last you a long time. Since I got this, I use it more often than my other brow products, and I have just sharpened it about 5 times. I believe this is available in 3 shades, and the others are dark and light brown.

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Style My Eyebrow 01

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Style My Eyebrow Pencil 01

I have dark-brown hair, and this pencil is just a nice color for my brows because I like it thicker but have a lighter color. I've been growing out my brows for a while now so I like that this pencil has a grey tint to it because it doesn't make my brows look so strong and dark. This is a hard pencil so its' easier to control and more forgiving because it doesn't deposit too much product You still need to be light handed when you use this though, but not when using a softer pencil. If you did apply a little too much, just brush it off with a spoolie. You can also blend this with an angled brush if you want a softer brow look. If you're new at filling in your brows with a pencil, this is easier to use and a good place to start.

Me wearing the Lovely Me: Ex Style My Eyebrow Pencil 01

This product stays on my brows all day and doesn't melt at all even if you sweat, which is one of the best things I like about it. It's not waterproof but the staying power is really good, well unless if you wipe it off :). You get great quality and good pigmentation for the price! This color will also suit those who have lighter brown to blonde hair colors. 

Hope this review was helpful! Until my next post! ♥



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