Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polish Haul

I'm beginning to become a big fan of The Face Shop's Nail Colors now. Most especially that I discovered that the top coat works very well together with the nail polish to make it last longer. When I did a review on the RD303 nail color, I failed to mention that I used TFS top coat to see if it will make the product stay on longer. To my surprise it really did help! If I used this top coat before, I would have appreciated the staying power of TFS nail polishes. It's been 4 days since I applied RD303 on my nails and it still looks the same. There is no chipping and I am very much impressed! I am not buying any top coat brand from now on :D. And because of the improvement on the staying power of TFS nail polish, I got a few more of their nail colors after I got the 3 others I mentioned on my previous post.

WH001 / WH003 / PK105 / PK101 / BR805

The first color to the left is the top coat; next is a pretty shimmery white nail color that I think will look great on toe nails; the third one is a gorgeous hot pink that will be perfect for the summer; next to it is a light pink pearl color which is also very lovely; and the last one is a nude brown that will look good on all skin tones. I love all these colors and I cannot wait to try them but I want to keep using RD303 first until it chips so I can share with you all how long it stays on clean on my nails. I'll write a review about each of these colors soon.



  1. very nice. I was eyeing those colors as well. hmmm before i was a big fan of revlon. but now, there's this korean brand of polish that I love---try KONAD. You'll love their colors. Great staying power, easy application, and chubby dense brush. you have a great blog. keep it up. :)

  2. Thanks! I haven't tried KONAD yet but I'd love to. Where can I buy that? Thanks for dropping by :D. Take care!


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