Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: Human Nature Mineral Lip Gloss

This review is on the Human Nature Mineral Lip Gloss in Pink Hibiscus. This is the first Human Nature product I have tried and so far it's not bad. I initially wanted to buy their mineral eyeshadow quad but I didn't like it that much because it was a little chalky and doesn't blend with the skin well. I got this gloss for only P198 with 8.5ml of product which is a good deal.

list of ingredients

Pink Hibiscus

The sponge tip applicator is really soft and flexible. The shape is meant for easy application to place the product on the corners of the lips neatly. However it's a little hard to put back the wand on the tube because the base of the sponge is a little fat. After I bought the lip gloss the first thing the lady said to me was to keep the lid up so it doesn't spill. I just make sure to close it real tight to avoid the gloss from leaking. 

sponge tip applicator

the color doesn't seem to mix with the gloss well

very sheer and nude
The shade is a very sheer mauvy pink which can be worn alone if you are into nude lips. However, it creates a white rim inside the lips after a few hours if you put on too much, and it looks unattractive. The color pay off is week and that's one thing I don't like much about it. I prefer applying it on top of my lipstick if I want to tone the color down or just to add more dimension to the lips. The gloss is fairly sticky but is not unpleasant on the lips. I like that it's minty so it feels good on the lips. It's moisturizing and tastes sweet too, although I am not a fan of the scent. 

Overall this is an average lip gloss at an inexpensive price for a mineral lip product. I'm not really too crazy about it but I will continue using it for the minty gloss and condition it gives my lips. I rate this gloss 2.5 STARS! 



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