Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Auto Eyebrow 04

Filling in my brows is the most important makeup routine for me because I have baby fine brown hair, so if I don't use eyebrow makeup I look different. Even if I have already grown my brows it's still not as visible as I want it to appear because it's still sparse. I use eyeshadow on my brows and it works great but recently I have been using pencil more because I can draw fine strokes and make them appear like my natural hair. I always try new stuff to the find the perfect one for me so when I saw this on the counter, I just had to get it. The hard plastic packaging is really clean and pretty, and comes with about 2 inches of product which should last for about 2-3 months depending on how much product you use on every application. 

This brow pencil is automatic so no need to sharpen it anymore. Just twist it, turn it, and apply. This is a crayon eyebrow pencil hence blendable, soft, and could easily break so don't twist it up too much. You can create natural looking brows by drawing feather like strokes and brushing it with the spoolie that comes with the product. It's very easy to blend that you can use an angled brush spread it evenly for a smoked out effect. It's also buildable you can add more product for thicker and bolder brows. 

wedge like lead

comes with a soft spoolie

The shade I have is in 04 brown and there are 3 other colors to choose from. The shade is a natural brown and perfect for my liking. It comes with a soft spoolie that doesn't hurt my skin when I use it and I really like it! Staying power is incredible as it can last for more than 9hrs. It's not waterproof but stays on really well even on this extremely hot weather! 

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Auto Eyebrow 04 Swatch

I love using this brow crayon pencil but I still prefer using a brows pencil as I have better control.  Hard brown pencil is easier to apply and I have less tendency of over-drawing and depositing too much product. Still this is a good quality product and inexpensive. 

My verdict: 4.5 STARS! I recommend this to anyone who likes using brow pencils to fill their brows. The Face Shop is a great brand and this is a quality must have product. 



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