Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring/Summer Nails! The Face Shop Nail Polish PP401

It's been awhile since my last The Face Shop Nail Polish review so I'm so excited to post this one up. I actually have 2 more lined up but have been pretty lazy applying nail colors lately (I blame the heat for that LOL!). This nail color is from the Lovely ME:EX line and costs P95. I love this packaging because it looks really cute and clean with the white handle. 

shade info

The shade is a very pretty pastel purple that reminds me so much of the ube ice cream! This is a perfect nail color for the Spring/Summer because the color is so lively and fun. I love that this isn't a bright color so anyone can definitely wear this nail polish at any day. It will stand out on light to fair skin even more.

The consistency of this particular nail polish line is a lot thicker than the regular ones with the black handle, so do not take too much product for each coat. Pigmentation is quite good, very opaque, and true to it's color as you can see on the swatches below. I applied 3 coats to achieve this intensity and I didn't need to apply a top coat anymore because this is already shiny as it is. Although you can use a top coat if you want it to last longer and scratch free. I of course never fail to use a base coat first to protect my nails from any damage and it helps to make my nail color last for almost a week. 

This nail polish dries fast so always give enough time for the product to dry in between coats to avoid any bubbles and for the product to stick better. You can build it up if you want a more intense color but don't rush it and ensure that it dries pretty well in between coats to avoid chipping or damage. I have also read from blogs that The Face Shop Nail Polishes dries fast on the bottle but so far it has never happened to me. I just make sure that I close it tightly and don't store it where there's direct sunlight. 

My verdict: 5 STARS!!! It's worth every cent because it's very pigmented, dries fast, lasts long, very opaque, and easy to apply. This is a good quality nail polish and definitely worth the investment. 

What's your favorite nail color to wear this summer? Everyone is welcome to attach a swatch on your message :). 



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