Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Face Shop Two-Sided Nail Buffer

When I'm feeling lazy to groom my nails and I just want to make it look clean and polished, this buffer is what I use. I don't always want to use nail polish and during those times, this tool is my nail's best friend to keep it looking naturally shiny and healthy. I bought this from The Face Shop for only P85 and could last for more than 4 months. This is my only second nail buffer in almost a year now. I used to love The Body Shop's Nail Buffer but they ran out of stock here in my area so where else do I go but to its more affordable counterpart, The Face Shop. The one from TBS works better but also more expensive. Although this is good enough and does a good job at keeping my nails polished without actually using a nail polish :).

This buffer is very easy to use. It is two sided where one side has a rough surface used to buff the nails and only takes seconds to smooth away and clean it, while the soft side is used to polish the nails and give it a natural and healthy shine. I love that I don't need to apply too much pressure to buff my nails and it doesn't hurt either. Neat and clean nails in an instant! 

to buff the nails
to polish the nails for natural shine

Below are images to show the difference of how my nails look before and after buffing. You can see that using the nail buffer makes a huge difference! It made my nails look shiny and neat. The shine lasts for 3 days and I repeat the process after that. I don't buff my nails too hard though because I don't want it to weaken. I must say that this is a gentler way to groom the nails without getting manicures. I have only had a manicure for not more than 5 times my whole life. I just prefer to do my own nails and only get it done when I need to be somewhere important and I'm too busy to do it myself. 

bare nails

after buffing

This is one of my favorite beauty tools because it does a great job at an inexpensive cost. I just love quality items that are reasonably priced ( who doesn't?! ) like most of The Face Shop Products. So if you're not a fan of using nail polish but want your nails to look neat and polished, this is a good product to consider. It's an easy and quick way of grooming the nails without spending too much.

My verdict: 5 STARS!!!


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  1. can you make a tutorial how you shape your nails.pretty pls :) and how do u take care of them,they look so delicate.


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