Thursday, May 3, 2012

NYX Round Lipstick B52 Review

Hello everyone! I have here now my review of the NYX Round Lipstick in B52. I got 3 of this Nyx Round Lipstick and this is my favorite for so many reasons. The color is just to die for! I'm currently in love with natural lip color and this has been my go to lipstick since I got it a week ago. I don't know why I haven't gotten my hands on these lipsticks when they are really amazing! 

The packing is made from a shiny black plastic with a detachable end where they put some lipstick there too so you know what the shade is inside since the lipstick is sealed, and not all stores allow swatching. The cool thing is you can actually take the end off and use a lip brush to take the product and apply it on if you ran out of it already :). I stand corrected, it's not an actual lipstick but an very soft gum... almost like gelatin. I thought it was lipstick when I touched it and got some color on my nails. 

Listed on the photo below are the ingredients used to make this lipstick in case you want to learn what's in this product. It's best to check to see if you're okay to use this to avoid any irritation. 


B52 a very pretty mauvey warm toned lip color that is almost an MLBB lipstick! (combine this with Thalia and it's MLBB!) It's the summer so natural look is very in right now as you don't really want to wear too much makeup on this extremely hot season. Of course you can get away with wearing bright eye colors but wearing a natural lip color neutralizes the look and make it more day time appropriate. I love how this lipstick can tone the look down if you're wearing a strong eye makeup without looking washed out because it's muted. If you check out the swatches below, you can see that that shade is really pretty and should match any skin tone, but most especially warm skin tone just fine. If you're not a bright lip color kind of person, this is a wonderful shade to consider.

NYX Round Lipstick B52 Swatch
NYX Round Lipstick B52 Swatch

This is a very creamy lip color and glides on the lips smoothly. It doesn't feather, it's moisturizing, easy to apply, and blends nicely on my lips. You can build it up for a more intense color or you can blot it to take away the shine and create a matte effect which by the way looks lovely! The pigmentation is out of question really and it's one of the many reasons why I like it in the first place. It has enough shine you don't need to apply gloss on top anymore. 

It was kind of difficult finding the perfect swatch online because it just looks different in person. The swatch I made on the back of my hand is the closest to the original shade. The one on my lips is a little washed out and a shade lighter. I just got lucky that I found the perfect one that I was looking for after doing a bit of search of course :).

I only have a few things I least like (not dislike) about it. It has a soapy scent which is quite strong. It took me about 2 days to get used to the smell so if you're not into scented lip products, this may put  you off. It doesn't last a long time either, I have to retouch after about 3 hours, and immediately after I eat or drink. It's not a con for me really because I just like it a lot for the small things to even bother me :).

This is the look I did today and I like how the lipstick looks almost like my natural lips. I'm wearing a bright eye makeup and used bronzers all over my face to give it some definition and yet the look doesn't seem too much for day time nor appear too made up because the lips are nude and I love it. 

My verdict: 5 STARS!!! This is now my favorite lipstick and shade and I'm glad that I looked into NYX lipticks a week ago. A great quality lipstick for a very inexpensive price, totally a great value for money. It's another great buy! 

I'll be reviewing Thalia and Heather soon so I hope you check it out as well. 



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