Friday, May 25, 2012

Etude House Oh M' Eye Lash Volume and Longlash Mascara

Etude House is one of my favorite Asian brands because their products have really good quality, and they are excellent value for money. This is the Etude House Oh M' Eye Lash Volume & Longlash Mascara in #2 which is a very black mascara. I've had this for a while and almost forgot I had it actually :). I was checking on my stash a last week and saw this! I was worried that this was already dried out because it doesn't have a protective seal but a just tape. I was thrilled that it's as good as new and didn't dry out a bit, in fact, it's a little too runny. I'm actually impressed that I can still use this because I've had this for almost a year now. I once bought an Avon mascara and stored it for three months and when I opened it, the product was already too dry, and I couldn't make it work. 

Etude House Oh M' Eye Lash Volume & Longlash Mascara

This mascara is quite runny as you can see in the photo below. I have to wipe off some of the product from the brush which I don't honestly like doing because it's such a waste. It has a typical smell which doesn't really bother me. What I love about it is it's very black, which makes my lashes pop, and makes me look more awake.

the brush takes too much product

after wiping some of the product off

It has a small brush which makes it easy to work with. Building up the product from the roots to add more volume and length to the lashes is trouble-free, and I don't poke my eyes anymore :D. I can reach my lashes on the outer and inner corners easily, and applying the product on my lower lashes is made simple with this tiny bush. In short, small mascara brushes make my makeup routine easy :). However, what I least like about it is there's not enough separation on the bristles so it clumps my lashes. 



The mascara did volumize and lengthened my lashes and I really like it, but I'm not a fan of spider lashes. I sometimes like the effect but I prefer neatly separated and naturally full looking lashes most of the time. You cannot build this mascara up too much because it will look untidy, unless you really take most of the product from the brush. This is not waterproof (it doesn't say it is), but it holds a curl really well. As a matter of fact, I didn't curl my lashes before I applied two coats of mascara, but it appears like I did. Another thing I like it is it doesn't smudge nor melt and it'ss easy to clean, which is a deal breaker, because I was already a little disappointed with this mascara. Any makeup product which can stand the Philippine heat during this summer season is fantastic for me.

Overall, this mascara is good enough for its price since I only got it for P198 if I'm not mistaken. I really love that it's very black, doesn't smudge, volumizes, and lengthens my lashes. If you like spider lashes, this is a product that can make your life easy :).

My verdict: 3.5 STARS!!!



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