Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NYC Cover Stick in Light

There's so much raving about the NYC Cover Stick in blogs and forums, so I thought of jumping on the band wagon myself and see what the babble is all about, as I am also in a quest of finding my HG concealer yet. The moment I saw this; I didn't think twice of buying it, and I was incredibly excited that I have found a gem. 

NYC Cover Stick in Light

The price is really very reasonable, and that explains why so many people like this concealer a lot. I think that the packaging is also cute because it looks like a lipstick in a clean, clear plastic container and silver bullet. Only problem is the product doesn't go all the way down so you have to be careful when putting the cap back. The shade I have is in light, and they have this in medium, natural, yellow, and green as well.

NYC says:
No need to hide at home after a long night out – NYC New York Color Corrective Cover Sticks have you covered. The soft formula won't pull or tug around your gentle eye area AND they blend well under foundation. Go from tired to triumphant for a steal! Use yellow to conceal dark under-eye circles and freckles. Use green to hide blemishes and red blotches.

Well, I was a little disappointed with this product, and let me tell you why... The product is a little waxy. It's glides on the skin nicely, but it sinks into my fine lines, which make me look more exhausted, and OLD! It takes me forever to blend it because it sits on to my skin really badly. I love the color because it's a shade lighter than my skin tone, perfect for under eyes to brighten up and highlight the area, but I just cannot make it appear natural on me. It makes my eye bags look saggy and swollen like I cried all night. I have tried rubbing it on my fingers to melt the product then push it on to my skin, but it doesn't work. Using a brush is no good either. I have tried sponge, and yet no luck. It doesn't have too much coverage either the moment you blend it. It's like building up a wax mixed with powder! I have made it work on my dark spots though as I just push or dab it on the area, but still it doesn't look flawless, unless I set it with powder. 

NYC Cover Stick in Light Swatch 

after blending the product... not too much coverage

Although I cannot make this work on areas such as around my mouth and nose, and under eye because it creases, it did manage to conceal my dark spots, which is good enough for me. I don't have too many spots to cover really, and most of the time I skip concealer actually, but I do want it to work when I need and want it to. I don't like throwing away makeup because I don't like wasting money, even if I only got this at an inexpensive price. I just wish that I understood what the rave was all about because I'm not experiencing it at all. I have quite a few NYC products, and so far this is the one that performed the least. Still I'm going to continue buying from NYC because I believe that they are really good investment for the price and quality.

My verdict: 1.5 STARS!!! I would rather spend twice the price of this concealer for a decent one that I can actually use and love.



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