Sunday, February 13, 2011

Avon One Great Mascara Swatches and Review

Hello everyone! How have you been doing?! I was a little busy lately so I wasn't able to post another review. The product I am reviewing right now is the Avon One Great Mascara. I wanted to try this because it says it's an all in one mascara that can lengthen, curl, and add volume to the lashes and I was so excited to play with it and see how I'd like it.

Avon One Great Mascara

I got this in brown and this is a waterproof mascara that should last for 16hrs. I got it in brown because I want to wear a more subtle look sometimes and a brown mascara will make the makeup look more natural. 

Avon One Great Mascara in Brown

Avon One Great Mascara Brush

I like the wand because it's sturdy and not too long making application easy. There's a little space in between the bristles of the brush and it coats every single lashes evenly. If you check out the photos below, you'll see how it made a big difference on my eyes. It opened up my eyes and it really made it look longer and appear like I have more lashes which is really great!

With and without mascara

Without Mascara

With Avon One Great Mascara

Wearing Avon One Great Mascara

However, there is a but... The product is a little dry. I'm not sure if I only got a bad product but I was bit disappointed. I had to apply 3 coats until I was happy with how it looks because it didn't stick to my lashes too well. Probably the fibers are making it dry, I don't know, but I have used other volumizing mascara brands like my Loreal mascaras and they are not as dry as this one. If the consistency isn't this dry, this could indeed be one great mascara as it says it is.

I'll keep using this mascara and see if it's going to get better. I love it but it's not easy to use as I need to spend a lot more time applying it on my lashes. Not very ideal if you are in a hurry. Overall this product is good as you see on the picture. It does it's job well and I give it 4 STARS! Hope this review is helpful! :D



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