Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Homemade Tinted Moisturizer

Do you use makeup everyday but don't like using foundation too often? I do like playing with my makeup everyday but I don't use foundation. Foundations are strong on the skin and can cause dryness and blemishes. I want my skin to be able to breathe so I don't breakout and develop white heads on my face that's why I prefer using a bb cream or tinted moisturizer. If you don't have a need for a heavy coverage foundation, I think it's best to not use it everyday.

So let's get started. What you need:

1.) Spatula 
2.) A clean container
3.) Moisturizer 
4.) Foundation


1.) With your spatula take 1 part of moisturizer with 2 parts of foundation until it's well blended. Make sure the spatula is clean so as to not contaminate your moisturizer. 
2.) Adjust the amount of your moisturizer and foundation depending on your coverage needs. You may also add mineral foundation powder slowly to adjust the consistency of your mixture.
3.) The mixture maybe too light now that you have mixed both ingredients together so you may need to add a  small amount of a darker shade of foundation to make it match your skin tone. My foundation is a little too light for me (although in the picture it looks like a medium shade, but it's actually 02 Bare Buff) so I add a drop of the dark shade from my Maybelline Super Stay Silky Foundation to match it with my skin tone. I got this as a present but it's definitely not my shade so I had to find a way to make use of it instead of throwing it away. 
4.) After mixing the products together, take a small amount and apply on your skin and make sure it disappears so you know it matches your skin color. Add more of either of the product slowly until you are satisfied with the shade
5.) Then you're done! Transfer the mixture in a small and air tight container to avoid contamination. I store mine in a pump bottle so I don't dirty up the product every time I use it as that can cause me breakouts. 

Here is the finished product. 

This should glide on well on your face and give a light coverage. I only used a little mixture for the purpose of this post. If you have a foundation that is a little difficult to work with because the consistency is very think and it cakes a lot, this method may just work for you too. Just add a small moisturizer and it should blend well on your skin. I'll post a picture of me using the tinted moisturizer soon so you see how it looks on the skin.

Hope you enjoy this! Good night, good afternoon, and good morning everyone! :D



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