Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich 24K Gold Lipstick Swatch and Review

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich 24K Gold Lipstick

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? It's late here and I couldn't sleep so I thought of doing another review on Avon Ultra Moisture Rich 24K Gold Lipstick in Golden Peach. It comes in cute a gold packaging with 4grams of product. I think this retails between P249 and P299 now. 

This is in Golden Peach shade and from the look on the tube it's just so pretty. However, it's not as pigmented as it appears. I wore this yesterday on my Berry Chocolate Romantic Look so do check it out too. It actually is very sheer and has a lot of gold sparkles. If you don't like glitter lipsticks, you probably won't like this either. The shade looks good when you wear a dramatic smokey eye or a neutral look and want a glossy nude lips. It's perfect if you just want to intensify your eye makeup and not draw too much attention to your lips because this gives just a little hint of color on the lips. The lipstick is very moisturizing and glossy as you can see on the photo. I didn't top this off with a gloss but if you look at it, it's just very shiny. Be careful not to put on too much if you don't want to see a white ring around the inner part of your lips after a few hours. I had that incident and it didn't look good :).

Overall this lipstick is okay. I actually expected this lipstick to be very pigmented and creamy but it's not. However, it's still okay. I can still use this with a smokey eye and it will look very pretty. Hope this review is helpful! Until next time. Good night, good morning, and good afternnoon everyone! You have a good one :D. 



  1. This looks good what other shades are there?

  2. I have tried Ruby in Red and Pink and they are both lovely as well. I can't make a review of them anymore because I gave it to my friends. If I am not mistaken they have wine, and a barely there shade as well.


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