Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lucky Thai Voodoo Dolls

Last week I received these very cute Thai Voodoo Dolls from A & Z Magic Gifts and Novelties, Inc. They said they were going to send me 4 but they're very kind to send me 7 very cute dolls! These doesn't have any real magical powers. They are only charm accessories you can hang in your bag, cellphones, and keys to inspire you. They're the same as the charm bracelets we love which doesn't have any magical powers of any kind but we still wear them because the idea gives us hope and inspiration in life and love! These dolls are handmade using one continuous piece of string so each one of the dolls are unique. They make a good gift idea to friends and family as you're passing on well wishes that comes with these dolls. Let me introduce you to each of the dolls I got...

The Belly Dancer brings you luck with the opposite gender. This one you can hang in your rear view mirror as a cute charm.

Gypsy can look into the future and see all the bright things. This is my favorite because of the pretty  cute pink bandana and I currently have this on my phone. 

Love Starter helps make the person you love feel the same about you. I think this is going to be a popular doll :). This makes an attractive bag accessory.

The Punk will keep your heart full of fun and joy. This is one of my favorite inspiration because who doesn't want a joyful heart after all?! 

The Rascal will watch over you when you play silly jokes. This is very colorful and makes an adorable key ring. 

The Little Devil will always protect you from dangers around. I love the thought that this little devil will keep me safe at all times :). 

The Witch will protect you from evil spells. This one is another favorite because it's just so adorable! I love the hat, the skirt, and the broom stick :D. Looks like they put a lot more effort making this one.

Lucky Thai Voodoo Dolls are available at Clipper Gift Shops and Mental Clothing shops for only P99.75. You can also find them at some selected Puregold outlets and will soon be available at National Bookstore. Currently they have 50 designs and you can see the others on their website at: There will be games, wallpapers, icons, and much more on the site for you to enjoy. The Lucky Thai Voodoo Dolls are the hottest collectibles in the world today so get one, or more, now! :D


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  1. Anonymous Occult&Spirits ProffMay 30, 2014 at 8:30 PM

    Is cuteness all you see in it? Read some articles first before buying it :P You may not know it possesses or is connected to some spirit


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