Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BYS Lipstick Champagne Rain L22

Doesn't this lipstick look gorgeous? When I first saw this, I fell in love right away because the color is just perfect for those dramatic smokey eye looks. It's a color that I don't have yet so it's a really great addition to my makeup collection. It's a light pink lipstick that I can see working for every skin tone and any age. I got this from my sister when she came home from Australia. For those who don't know BYS yet, it's an Australian brand that recently hit the Philippine market. I don't exactly know when it became locally available, but I'm pretty sure they had in Manila months ago before it reached here. I believe this retails at P299.00, and you can find it at SM Department Stores.

BYS Lipstick in Champagne Rain L22

Shade Info

BYS Lipstick in Champagne Rain L22 Ingredients  

The packaging is not ideal because the product doesn't go all the way down the bullet, so there's a chance of messing it up or even breaking it when you put the cap back. It doesn't snap when you close it, so I'm always careful when I put this inside my bag. I like the transparent cover though because it allows you to see the shade without opening.

Here are some of the swatches for your reference taken with and without flash.

Without flash
Without Flash
With Flash

This silky-smooth pearl lipstick is quite opaque. I didn't have to conceal my rather pigmented lips just for the color to show up better. The color is very true to what's in the bullet, so I like that. It's unscented, and tasteless, which is good, but it's a little waxy so you have to apply a lip liner to prevent it from bleeding. I did apply foundation on my lip line, so I didn't experience any bleeding, and this kept the lipstick in place. Since the color is very pale, it makes dry lips look more noticeable, so I apply lip balm underneath, although the lipstick is moisturizing and doesn't dry out my lips. The pigment also sinks into the fine lines of the lips so the lip balm helps to prevent that.

2 layers 
After about 2 hours
After 3-4 hours

The color starts to fade after 3 hours and forms a white line on the insides of the lips which is so unflattering.  It emphasized my dry lips as well, so I reapply sooner than what I'm used to. I honestly don't feel very confident when I wear this lipstick because all I could think of is if my lips already appear dry, or if there's a white line on my lips, so I haven't worn this much yet. 

Here's a photo to me wearing this lipstick for daytime. I'm using BYS eyeliner and concealer which I will be reviewing soon as well. I like how it makes the look subtle, even if I have a strong eyeliner. It also matches my blush, which makes the look quite romantic. It doesn't wash me out either.

Overall, this lipstick is so so. While I like the color very much, and I can make this work well with a lip gloss, there are surely better ones out there. It's quite pricey for what it's worth if you ask me. Although if you buy it from Australia, it's not too bad. Maybe the other shades are better; I don't really know. This is the only one I have from this line, (I have the long wearing one), so I can't generally say that it's not worth trying it out. If you have tried this lipstick, let me know what you think of it.



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